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In my project I have an Xceed data grid which is bound to a data source with many records and record details. I am attempting to create a context menu option that will allow the user to search for a specific detail in a specific column. While I have successfully completed the functionality there is a UI part that is giving me some trouble, in that when I select the row in C#, if that row is not in view the row is never focused on. Thus the user has to scroll up and down looking for the row with expanded details.

I am able to set the SelectedRow and expand the details like so:

if (this.creditLinesDataGridControl.Items.Count > 0)
    this.grid.SelectedItem = this.grid.Items[0];
    MessageBox.Show("Value not found in column: " + userColumn);

where userColumn and userValue are set previously in the method.

How can I make the grid focus on the row after I've set the SelectedItem and expanded the details?



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I do not know the Xceed DataGrid's API, but typically such classes provide a method like ScrollIntoView(...). After googling a bit, I found that Xceed's DataGrid obviously offers a method called BringItemIntoView(...). Did you try that one?
For example, in this thread in the Xceed forum they discuss this method.

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That worked perfectly! I guess when I was reading the methods for the Xceed DataGrid I just overlooked that one. Thank you very much. –  Patrick K Apr 20 '10 at 14:21

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