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I'm having problems setting up my Hudson server to run cpp unit tests so I can output an .xml file. I tried searching the web for some more straight forward instructions on how to set this up but still don't understand how to. It sounds like I need to set up ant to run...but how??

I'm currently running Hudson ver 1.352.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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I'm assuming you have some existing tests implemented in CppUnit that you can run by themselves. You could get these running in your Hudson job by using Ant, but since I don't think there is a CppUnit task for Ant you'd have to do it with an exec task.

It might be just as easy to call a shell script from Hudson to run your tests; you should then be able to get it to display the test results by checking the "Display JUnit test results" post-build action in your Hudson job and specifying the path to your results XML file (it's been a while, but as I remember CppUnit tests are in the same XML format as JUnit).

Let me know if I'm making any wrong assumptions.

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Hi Gareth, Thank you for your reply. Your assumptions are correct. The problem I had was with my current working directory. I was trying to output the xml file to an area that I did not have permission to write to :(. I checked "Publish testing tools result report" instead and it allowed me to choose "CppUnit" as an option. And now everything is happy. :) Thanks again! Kat –  kyue Apr 21 '10 at 19:46
Glad to help, Kat ! –  gareth_bowles Apr 22 '10 at 0:02

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