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Are Open JDK and JDK7 the same thing?

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Open JDK is a free (but not certified) implementation of the JLS (java language specification) where JDK7 is the next version of Sun's JDK which is currently 1.6 (or just Java 6 as the marketing devision of Sun called it).

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OpenJDK was initially based only on the JDK 7.0 version of the Java platform. Since February 15, 2008, there are two separate OpenJDK projects:

  • The main OpenJDK project, which is based on the JDK 7.0 version of the Java platform
  • The JDK 6 project, which provides an Open-source version of Java 6.0.

I hope this clears the confusion a bit.

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It appears to be a Solaris<-->OpenSolaris situation, viz. there's an open-source project with as much code as possible; the fixes get transferred back to the main software, which the vendor supports and sells. OpenJDK is a project. OpenJDK version 7 and JDK7 appear to be largely but not exactly the same (per here).

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Your link is dead. Can you please update? – kevinarpe Jul 22 '13 at 7:57

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