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I am fairly new to scala and I have the need to convert a string that is pipe delimited to one that is comma delimited, with the values wrapped in quotes and any quotes escaped by "\"

in c# i would probably do this like this

string st = "\"" + oldStr.Replace("\"", "\\\\\"").Replace("|", "\",\"") + "\""

I haven't validated that actually works but that is the basic idea behind what I am trying to do. Is there a way to do this easily in scala?

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How is the pipe character escaped in the source format? –  Marcelo Cantos Apr 19 '10 at 22:29
it isn't, there is no pipes in the data that it represents –  Russ Bradberry Apr 19 '10 at 22:32

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val st = "\"" + oldStr.replaceAll("\"", "\\\\\"").replaceAll("\\|", "\",\"") + "\""

Could also be:

val st = oldStr.replaceAll("\"","\\\\\"").split("\\|").mkString("\"","\",\"","\"")
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