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Besides making an HTML5 app (which may very well be the answer to this question), are there any other languages I can develop in for android besides Java?

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check out this google i/o session, it points out the various ways in which you can develop applications for the android platform.

How Do I Code Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

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The link gives an error. –  rwst Jan 17 at 20:43
@rwst Link updated. –  kctang Jan 18 at 16:19

I recommend Java, or HTML 5. If you target the browser it's also easy to make a thin Android java client. Plus if you target webkit, you can deploy your product... well most anywhere.

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You can use Ruby via Rhodes, JavaScript via PhoneGap or Titanium Mobile, Scala via...well...Scala, C/C++ via the NDK, etc.

Here are three blog posts I have on the subject from last year.

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You can develop in ActionScript for Adobe Flex or Flash (that book is in process of being written, but there will be more docs and books around April 2011).

ActionScript apps on Android look very nice because of vector graphics and also audio/video streaming to Adobe FMS works.

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