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What configure options a should use to compile mpich2 (ver 1.1.1p1 or 1.2.1p1) with sctp ?

In my try there is a error when linking cpi.c (small example).

/home/op02/mpiopt/sctp/lib/libmpich.a(ch3u_rma_sync.o)(.text+0x20a7): In functio
n `MPIDI_Win_post':
: undefined reference to `PMPI_Group_translate_ranks'
/home/op02/mpiopt/sctp/lib/libmpich.a(ch3u_rma_sync.o)(.text+0x21bd): In functio
n `MPIDI_Win_post':
: undefined reference to `PMPI_Group_free'
/home/op02/mpiopt/sctp/lib/libmpich.a(ch3u_rma_sync.o)(.text+0x25c4): In functio
n `MPIDI_Win_complete':
: undefined reference to `PMPI_Group_translate_ranks'

My options was

../mpich2-1.1.1p1/configure --enable-fast=O1 \
        --host=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu \
        --target=x86_64-secret-linux-gnu \
 --with-device=ch3:sctp --with-pm=hydra \
 --with-cross=x8664secret.cross --disable-f77 --disable-f90  \
        >conf.log 2>&1

with x8664secret.cross being an output of getcross.c program. Host, target, and this file are here to force a cross-compilation. (it is a requirement for this build)

Is sctp in mpich2 in active state and can it be compiled?

Does sctp network module support cross-building?

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Try 1.3.1 instead. I see that Brad Penoff committed a couple of small changes to the build system since 1.2.1p1 was released, so it may be in better shape now. Alternatively, try using (the rather old) MPICH2 1.0.8, where I believe things were still working.

If the cross-compile step is what's really causing the problem and you still need to solve this problem, you can get more interactive support from mpich-discuss@lists.anl.gov. We can dig in over there instead.

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Glad to see you here, at the stackoverflow. I'm author of #1035-1037. –  osgx Nov 18 '10 at 23:30
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