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How to detect the scroll direction for a scrollable div , From OnScroll event? I want to add 15 to scrollTop, if user scrolls up and subtract 15, if user scrolls down. Is it possible with out using JQuery?

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2 Answers

Check this post onscroll direction

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Should be a comment. –  Bram Vanroy Feb 12 '13 at 7:35
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 * Calculate incremental amounts of pixels scrolled in each axis.
 * Value is signed to its direction.
function incrementalScroll(e) {

    var scrollX = (this.x || window.pageXOffset) - window.pageXOffset;
    var scrollY = (this.y || window.pageYOffset) - window.pageYOffset;

    this.x = window.pageXOffset;
    this.y = window.pageYOffset;

    test(scrollX, scrollY);

window.onscroll = incrementalScroll;

Use it as you want.

function test(scrollX, scrollY){

    var directionX = !scrollX ? "NONE" : scrollX>0 ? "LEFT" : "RIGHT";
    var directionY = !scrollY ? "NONE" : scrollY>0 ? "UP" : "DOWN";

    console.log(directionX, scrollX, directionY, scrollY);
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