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Hi i am creating a calendar i which i filled the year and date like this <<<<< Year >>>>>> <<<<< month >>>>>> by clicking on the arrow marks the year and month can be increased and decreased now i have to fill the dates for the year and month selected I calculated the first day of month and last date of the month The dates must be start filling from the first day Say if the first day is thursday the date 1 must be on thursday and the next days must follow that till the last date These are my functions in my controller "

function phpcal()
        echo date("D", mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,$year)); //here i am calculating the first day of the month
        echo '<br>lastdate'.date("t", strtotime($year . "-" . $month . "-01"));'' here i am calculating the lasdt date of the month
        //echo '<br>'.$date_end  = $this->lastOfMonth();
function firstOfMonth($m1,$y1) 
           return date("m/d/Y", strtotime($m1.'/01/'.$y1.' 00:00:00')); 
function lastOfMonth() 
           return date("m/d/Y", strtotime('-1 second',strtotime('+1                                                                month',strtotime(date('m').'/01/'.date('Y').' 00:00:00')))); 
function phpcalview()
        $year = $this->input->post('yearvv');
        $data['year'] = $this->adminmodel->selectyear();
        $data['date'] = $this->adminmodel->selectmonth();
        //print_r($data['date'] );


This is my view page

<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="1" bgcolor="#CCFFCC" align="center"  class="table_Style_Border">
<?  if(isset($date))
foreach($date as $row)

    <td><?= $row['dbDate1'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate2'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate3'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate4'];?></td>     <td><?= $row['dbDate5'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate6'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate7'];?></td>
<tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
    <td><?= $row['dbDate8'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate9'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate10'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate11'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate12'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate13'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate14'];?></td>
    <td><?= $row['dbDate15'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate16'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate17'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate18'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate19'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate20'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate21'];?></td>
<tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
    <td><?= $row['dbDate22'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate23'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate24'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate25'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate26'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate27'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate28'];?></td>
    <td><?= $row['dbDate29'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate30'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate31'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate1'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate1'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate1'];?></td> <td><?= $row['dbDate1'];?></td>

<? }} ?>

How can i insert the dates starting from the day i have calculated in the function phpcal

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This is a calendar script I partly wrote myself. It can check database data against a day and create a link. Take a look, maybe it's helpful:

// Start table
$display .= '<table class="calendar_table" border="0">';
// set the default timezone to use. Available since PHP 5.1
//This gets today's date
$date = time();
// Set the value to today
$today = date('d', $date);
//This will get the value from the url
if($_GET['month'] && $_GET['year']){
    $month = $_GET['month'];
    $year = $_GET['year'];
    //This puts the day, month, and year in seperate variables
    $day = date('d', $date);
    $month = date('m', $date);
    $year = date('Y', $date);
// Set values for previous and next month
$nextMonth = $month+1;
$previousMonth = $month-1;
// And for the year
$nextYear = $year;
$previousYear = $year;

// Check the month (there are only 12 so, fix)
if($month == '1'){
    $previousMonth = '12';
    $previousYear = $previousYear-1;
}elseif($month == '12'){
    $nextMonth = '1';
    $nextYear = $nextYear+1;

//Here we generate the first day of the month
$first_day = mktime(0,0,0,$month, 1, $year);

//This gets us the month name
$title = date('F', $first_day); 

//Here we find out what day of the week the first day of the month falls on
$day_of_week = date('D', $first_day);

//Once we know what day of the week it falls on, we know how many blank days occure before it. If the first day of the week is a Sunday then it would be zero
    case "Sun": $blank = 0; break;
    case "Mon": $blank = 1; break;
    case "Tue": $blank = 2; break;
    case "Wed": $blank = 3; break;
    case "Thu": $blank = 4; break;
    case "Fri": $blank = 5; break;
    case "Sat": $blank = 6; break;

//We then determine how many days are in the current month
$days_in_month = cal_days_in_month(0, $month, $year); 

// Get the url, check for home or module
if($_GET['pageName'] == 'Home'){
    $link_prefix = '?pageName=Home';
    $link_prefix = '?module=Agenda';

//Here we start building the table heads
$display .= "<tr class='calendar_header'><td class='calendar_navigation'><a href='".$link_prefix.'&month='.$previousMonth."&year=".$previousYear."' class=navigationLink>&lt;&lt;</a></td><td colspan='5' class='calendar_title_frontpage'> $title $year </td><td class='calendar_navigation'><a href='".$link_prefix.'&month='.$nextMonth."&year=".$nextYear."' class=navigationLink>&gt;&gt;</a></td></tr>";
$display .= "<tr class='calendar_weeks'><td class='calendar_weeks'>Zo</td><td class='calendar_weeks'>Ma</td><td class='calendar_weeks'>Di</td><td class='calendar_weeks'>Wo</td><td class='calendar_weeks'>Do</td><td class='calendar_weeks'>Vr</td><td class='calendar_weeks'>Za</td></tr>";

//This counts the days in the week, up to 7
$day_count = 1;

$display .= "<tr>";
//first we take care of those blank days
while ($blank > 0){
    $display .= "<td class='calendar_days'>&nbsp;</td>";
    $blank = $blank-1;

//sets the first day of the month to 1
$day_num = 1;

// Create query to get all the info from the database
$BlaatCms->DB->build(array('select' => 'id,dates,title,description','from' => 'calendar')); 

// Create array
$events = array();

// Getting the data from the database and put it in an array
while($calendar = $BlaatCms->DB->fetch($BlaatCms->DB->execute())){
    if(date('m', $calendar['dates']) == $month){
        $events[intval($BlaatCms->unixstamp_to_mmddyyyy($calendar['dates']))] .= '<a href="?module=Agenda&id='.$calendar['id'].'">'.date('d',$calendar['dates']).'</a>';

//count up the days, untill we've done all of them in the month
while ($day_num <= $days_in_month){

        if($day_num == $today && $month == date('m', $date) && $year == date('Y', $date)){
            $display .= "<td class='calendar_days_event_current'>".$events[$day_num]."</td>";
            $display .= "<td class='calendar_days_event'>".$events[$day_num]."</td>";

        if($day_num == $today && $month == date('m', $date) && $year == date('Y', $date)){
            $display .= "<td class='calendar_days_current'>".$day_num."</td>";
            $display .= "<td class='calendar_days'>".$day_num."</td>";


    //Make sure we start a new row every week
    if ($day_count > 7){
        $display .= "</tr><tr align=center>";
        $day_count = 1;


//Finaly we finish out the table with some blank details if needed
while ( $day_count >1 && $day_count <=7 ){
    $display .= "<td class='calendar_days'>&nbsp;</td>";

$display .= "</tr>";

// Show link to nieuws archive
$display .= '<tr><td colspan="7" class="calendar_readmore_frontpage"><a href="?module=Agenda">'.$agenda_config['textOverview'].'</a></td>';

$display .= "</table>";
// Echo the table
echo $display;
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