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I need internet browser on my device which has 4.3 Inch screen with 480x272 resolution, I am using embedded Qt 4.6.2 on embedded linux. Micro-controller has ARM9 with 450 Mhz.

Requirements for browser are

  • Touch Screen Support, Panning ( No Scroll bars)
  • Single touch Zooming ( No Multi Touch Available).
  • Fit to screen width support ( No Horizontal Scrolling).
  • Acid 3 Standard Compliable.
  • Page loading should be like, display all visible text first and then load and show Images Gradually.

Is there any opensource browser which is near to this requirements.

I found following browsers which have touch screen support.

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My guess would be 'no'. In any case - wrong site for this question. – Franci Penov Apr 20 '10 at 5:50
Why wrong site, Its related to programming. I want to port browser and make necessary changes to it. – SunnyShah Apr 20 '10 at 5:55

Maemo MicroB ( Can any one please tell me where can I found source of this one).

If it helps: MicroB source package is here.

As a user of this browser I can say that it is very touch-friendly. Can't confirm support of all the features you've listed though.

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How about using dillo? Dillo or how about the QT/Webkit since you are already using QT? You could also look at Midori but I have never used it. For the touch sensor part this depends on your touch drivers. Perhaps run a window manager.

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All these browsers are not touch screen friendly and not small screen friendly ( Zoom Functionality is not supported.) – SunnyShah Apr 20 '10 at 12:24

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