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Iam getting the following error message while running .net 3.5 applciation

Your step-into request resulted in an automatic step-over of a property or operator.

This behavior can be overridden in the context menu for the line being executed by choosing 'Step Into Specific' or by unchecking the option 'Step over properties and operators'.

Do you want continue being notified when an automatic step-over happens?

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What is your question? – Yuliy Apr 20 '10 at 6:27
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It is not an error message as such. The IDE is telling you that tracing for some of your code is being skipped during debugging due to the current settings. If you want to be able to trace into the code, change the settings as described in the message.

You can change this behavior by going to: Tools -> Option -> Debugging.

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The setting for this in VS2010 is under: Tools -> Option -> Debugging (near the middle)

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To be more specific: the option to enable in Visual Studio 2010 is:

Tools->Options->Debugging->General->Enable property evaluation and other implicit function calls

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In Visual Studio 2013: right click on the line that caused the message to pop-up. This will bring up the context menu. Uncheck the option: Step over properties and operators.

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As answered by other people this is an informational message from Visual Studio telling you that it could have stepped into a line of code but rather stepped over it due to current dev environment settings.

There are three ways to change this behaviour in VS2012:

  • Change the settings: Tools->Options->Debugging->General->Step over properties and operators OR
  • Right click on the line of code to get the context menu. Then untick: Step over properties and operators OR
  • Select 'Step into Specific' in the right click context menu which will ask you which specific function you would like to step into. It will list all the properties/functions involved in the current source line.
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