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I created a index.php file located in http://localhost/home/index.php. The file filled with the code below.


# //include the file  
# //create the object  
$firephp = FirePHP::getInstance(true);  
# //send information  
$firephp->fb("Hello world!");  


I enabled fireBug and firePHP, BTW I download firePHPCore and copy FirePHP.class.php to http://localhost/home/FirePHP.class.php directory.

To run this code I can't see the message “Hello world!” in the firebug console.

I followed the tutorial

Winxp and fireFox 3.6.3; fireBug 1.5.3; firePHP 0.4.3 used. Any suggesion?

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I am new to fireBug.

Net panel is disabled....

Enable Net Panel. It works well. It's cool.

Thank you.

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