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I have to query a view and include only those columns which are defined in the XML which comes as a parameter to my SP. Can i include that XML in select clause and extract all columns defined in that XML. Please tell a way to do this.

XML format is

   <Column Name="CustomerID"/>
   <Column Name="CustomerName"/>
   <Column Name="Customerstate"/>

I want to put these columns in select list.

 SELECT row.value('@Name', 'varchar(200)')
 FROM   @varXML.nodes('Columns/Column') AS d (row) FROM JobListingDetails
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Can you show us some code, and a sample of your XML? Your question is too vague to answer right now..... –  marc_s Apr 20 '10 at 7:39

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I'm not sure why you'd do this rather than allow the client application to filter the rows for itself, but if you must do it, you need dynamic SQL:


SET @varXML = 
' <Columns>
   <Column Name="CustomerID"/>
   <Column Name="CustomerName"/>
   <Column Name="Customerstate"/>

SET @columnList = 
 (SELECT row.value('@Name', 'varchar(200)') + ','
  FROM   @varXML.nodes('Columns/Column') AS d (row)

--SELECT @columnList

SET @columnList = 'SELECT ' + LEFT(@columnList, LEN(@columnList) - 1) + ' FROM JobListingDetails'

EXEC sp_executesql @columnList
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