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I have few databses of sql 2000 on windows 2000. Can I attach these databases to another instance of SQL Server 2000 on anothermachine having windows 2003 installed?? Does attach and detach of databases are platform independent??

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You should be able to attach and detach databases of the same SQL Server version across different Windows OSes.

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Did microsoft has documenteed it anywhere? Can you please provide me any link or document on this –  user186246 Apr 20 '10 at 8:31
There is documentation for SQL Server 2005 @ technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190794(SQL.90).aspx - couldn't find it in SQL Server 2000 Books Online @ msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa256841(SQL.80).aspx. I remember trying this years ago. –  Mr Roys Apr 20 '10 at 8:47

I believe you can detach and re-attach from the same SQL version; however this can cause issues so it would be best if you backed up the database from the original server, create a new database on the new server of the same name and then restore it into it.

Windows version shouldn't make a difference.

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