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QTP which access an application object in test PC screen resolution doesnt access the application window object in laptop? any suggestions to resolve this?

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I also do not understand the question, but it may well be a resolution problem: Try looking at the answer to Mercury Quick Test Pro and Virtual machines: Works from one client machine but not another.

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this is the same issue which i am facing –  Onnesh Apr 20 '10 at 11:50

Do you have your code have many statements which involve coordinates?

If they involve coordinates then it is most likely that code will fail. If not post a code snippet here such that we can analyze it.

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Hi, Welcome to stackoverflow. Just to let you know this should really be posted as a comment, not an answer. –  OAC Designs Dec 16 '12 at 0:57

Don't really understand what you mean. Just know at work we are using QTP and we don't really like it for many reasons...

You'd better give a try to Selenium it's a powerful tool :)

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hey if u are automating web application then change ur resolution to 100%. If its more or less than 100% then qtp scripts will fail.


An alternative solution, we can go for third party tool like Qres and MultiRes. These tools can be operated using QTP at runtime. So far I have not found a code for changing screen resolution at runtime using vb script. If anyone finds that, please post it.

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