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I need to configure two name-based virtual hosts in my ubuntu pc. If I type the address "http://mypage1" in browser, it should display my first customized html page and if I type the address "http://mypage2", it should display my second customized html page. I tried out the following:
1. installed apache
2. created a file mypage1 inside sites-available with the contents as follows:
VirtualHost *:80
ServerName mypage1
ServerAlias http://mypage1
DocumentRoot /var/www/mypage1/html
3. created a similar file mypage2 inside sites-available
4. ran the commands "a2ensite mypage1" and "a2ensite mypage2" to generate soft links inside sites-enabled.
5. restarted apache using "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart"

After doing the above steps, when I type mypage1 in firefox, I get dns_unresolved_hostname error.

Kindly help me how to resolve this problem.

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2 Answers

DNS unresolved means exactly what it said! It could not find the DNS entries for 'servers' called mypage1 or mypage2.

Add them to you /etc/hosts file like mypage1 mypage2

If you are successful then you will probably get a different error, then you can start looking into virtual hosts configuration

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For one thing, you should set a NameVirtualHost for whatever IP(s) you intend to serve the files from. (If you don't, Apache will usually ignore the server name and just use whatever site is defined/included first.)

Also, make sure "mypage1" and "mypage2" are actual, valid domain names, or put them in /etc/hosts. Apache's knowing about them doesn't automatically make them known anywhere outside Apache -- especially to your machine's DNS resolver.

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