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I have written something small in verilog:

`define LW 6'b100011

`define SW 6'b101011

parameter [3:0]
    i_fetch = 4'b0001,
    decode_rr = 4'b0010,
    mem_addr = 4'b0100,
    alu_exec = 4'b1000;

and i am getting this error: Error: test.v(5): (vlog-2155) Global declarations are illegal in Verilog 2001 syntax.

What I am doing wrong? I am using ModelSim XE III/Starter 6.4b - Custom Xilinx Version!

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Your parameter statement has to be within a module:

module a_module ();

  parameter a_parameter = 4;


In fact, most stuff in verilog has to be within a module block.

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Ooops! I forgot that! Now it's ok thanx!!! – Kostas Apr 20 '10 at 12:14

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