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I want to have a twisted service (started via twistd) which listens to TCP/POST request on a specified port on a specified IP address. By now I have a twisted application which listens to port 8040 on localhost. It is running fine, but I want it to only listen to a certain IP address, say

How-to manage that? This is a snippet of my code:

application = service.Application('SMS_Inbound')

smsInbound = resource.Resource()
smsInboundServer = internet.TCPServer(8001, webserver.Site(smsInbound))
smsInboundServer.setName("SMS Handling")
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What you're looking for is the interface argument to twisted.application.internet.TCPServer:

smsInboundServer = internet.TCPServer(8001, webserver.Site(smsInbound),

(Which it inherits from reactor.listenTCP(), since all the t.a.i.*Server classes really just forward to reactor.listenXXX for the appropriate protocol.)

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Thank you! That solves my problem. It works fine. –  daccle Apr 20 '10 at 12:10

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