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I am very new to WPF and needed some pointers as to why this is not working correctly.

I am trying to make a maximize button that will change to a restore button when clicked. I thought a toggle button with 2 different styles that would be changed in the code behind could work. I am first trying to get the maximize button working and have ran into a problem. I get the error 'System.Windows.Controls.Image' is not a valid value for the 'System.Windows.Controls.Image.Source' property on a Setter. in my xaml. I seem to be not understanding something completely. Any help would be most helpful :)


<Style x:Key="Maximize" TargetType="{x:Type ToggleButton}">
                <Image x:Key="MaxButtonImg" Source="/Project;component/Images/maxbutton.png" />
                <Image x:Key="MaxButtonHighlight" Source="/Project;component/Images/maxbutton-highlight.png" />
            <Setter Property="ContentTemplate">
                            <Style TargetType="{x:Type Image}">
                                <Setter Property="Source" Value="{DynamicResource MaxButtonImg}"/>
                                    <Trigger Property="IsMouseOver" Value="True">
                                        <Setter Property="Source" Value="{DynamicResource MaxButtonHighlight}"/>

<ToggleButton Name="MaxButton" Width="31" Height="31" BorderThickness="0" Click="MaxButton_Click" Margin="0,0,10,0" Tag="Max" 
                      Style="{DynamicResource Maximize}" />

My code behind would do something simple like this:

private void MaxButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        ToggleButton tg = (ToggleButton)sender;

        if ( tg.IsChecked == true) {
            tg.Style = (Style)FindResource("Restore");
            this.WindowState = WindowState.Maximized;

        } else {
            tg.Style = (Style)FindResource("Maximize");
            this.WindowState = WindowState.Normal;
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You don't want to change the image on mouse over. I added my images to a folder called Images in the project and set build action on the images to Resource.


        <Image x:Key="minImage" Source="/Images/min.png" Height="16" Width="16" />
        <Image x:Key="maxImage" Source="/Images/max.png" Height="16" Width="16" />

        <Style TargetType="{x:Type ToggleButton}" x:Key="minMaxButtonStyle">
            <Setter Property="Content" Value="{DynamicResource minImage}" />
                <Trigger Property="IsChecked" Value="True">
                    <Setter Property="Content" Value="{DynamicResource maxImage}" />



        <ToggleButton Style="{StaticResource minMaxButtonStyle}" />


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That does work, but I am using the IsMouseOver for creating a highlight, not changing the image. Each state has 2 images, a regular and a mouse over image. I was able to get mine to work by setting the <Setter Property="ContentTemplate"> to <Setter Property="Content"> and have the setter property source go directly to the image. –  Ryan Apr 20 '10 at 17:54

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