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it seems that when the blind down effect is used on an element with padding it looks a bit awkward. It seems to blind down too far and then jumps back. It's a very subtle thing but is really annoying.

I don't have an online example but if you go to the demo on github and give the element a padding-top or bottom with firebug or something you'll see what I mean.


Anybody found a way to stop it?

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After a bit of experimentation I've discovered this isn't such a big deal because you can give the element within the blinding down element a margin. Looks about the same and it works without this jittering. –  digitalWestie Apr 20 '10 at 15:07

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Still not resolved this but as I said in my comment, this issue can be worked around pretty easily.

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In the off chance someone runs across this trying to solve this problem, you can put your content inside a div inside the BlindDown() div.

That is,

<div id="blindthis" style="display:none;">
     <div style="padding:10px;">content goes here</div>

     new Effect.BlindDown('blindthis')
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