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I am trying to use \ifthenelse to do a floating point comparison. This is the pgf/tikz code, which works if \y is integer only, but not otherwise:

\foreach \y in {3,3.5,...,6} {
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You can not use floating variables. Use dimens instead of. For example

\newdimen \y 
\y = 3.2pt
\ifdim \y < 3.45pt ... \else ... \fi
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To expand on Alexey's suggestion of using dimensions, here is some working TikZ code that I think will solve your problem:

    \foreach \y in {3,3.5,...,6} {
      \ifthenelse{\lengthtest{\y pt > 4.5pt}}{
        \node at (0,\y) {\y\ is greater than 4.5!};
        \node at (0,\y) {\y\ is less than 4.5};
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Placing the 'pt' after \y in \lengthtest to explicitly cast it as a dimension is an awesome hack. – Abid H. Mujtaba Aug 26 at 7:23

If you already have defined some float you can use the following trick which worked for me (based on Alexeys post):


    % prepare comparison by building a dummy dim value
    \dummyDim = \someFloat pt

    % compare:
    \ifdim \dummyDim > 0pt %
       % ...
       % ...
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