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I have some problem when i work with UIImagePickerController .when I presentModalViewController,and the picker pops up right,but i can not select a picture! when i touch on the picture list, the list can only scroll up and down,but can not select!

how about this? thanks.

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Do you understand how UIImagePickerController works? Do you have the delegate methods implemented? – zoul Apr 20 '10 at 16:30
sure,i have implemented the UIImagePickerControllerDelegate Protocol in the main view.the same code works well in my demo,but when i added this to my project,it goes worng. – yjcpu Apr 20 '10 at 16:44
I can take a picture,but when i press "use",the program freeze – yjcpu Apr 20 '10 at 16:46
Use the debugger and check the stack trace. – Till Apr 20 '10 at 16:52
the code : @interface PhotoPickerViewController : UIViewController < UIImagePickerControllerDelegate,UINavigationControllerDelegate> .... UINavigationController *navigationController = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:photoPickerViewController ]; [self presentModalViewController:navigationController animated:YES]; – yjcpu Apr 20 '10 at 16:56

You must implement the UIImagePickerControllerDelegate method

- (void)imagePickerController:(UIImagePickerController *)picker didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:(NSDictionary *)info
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the docs provide this answer:

"5. When the user taps a button to pick a newly-captured or saved image or movie, or cancels the operation, dismiss the image picker using your delegate object. For newly-captured media, your delegate can then save it to the Camera Roll on the device. For previously-saved media, your delegate can then use the image data according to the purpose of your app."

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