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I m working on .net framework 3.0 visual studio 08 and Testing it in IE8 and other browsers. Whenever I m inserting new elements in DOM (ex. 300 divs at one time) than I m getting the performance very slow in IE . Why?. If its a javascript debugging which is taking time or what else. Is it really true that IE Dom Append takes much time than any other browser. Please help me , I m stuck badly.

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Perhaps doing the work on the server-side would be better? Something like PHP or ASP to push all the content at once rather than dynamically instantiating content on the client side. Good luck!

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Inserting large amounts of data can be very slow.

This page details various methods of inserting content. I don't know much implementing these I'm afraid but it seems that some methods are 10x slower in IE7 than in Firefox.

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