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I'm trying to recreate this type (example 1, example 2) of menu list style, but I need it to be able to handle nested lists and I'm not sure how to do it. does anyone have any insight how I can do this?

ie (w/ minimal markup) :

      <li>two and half</li>

Thanks a bunch!!

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I don't know what styles you're trying to apply, but I can get you started with empty CSS rules for each level:

  • ul { /* CSS properties here */ } will let you style all ul elements
  • ul > li > ul { ... } will override the applied CSS style for the inner ul elements, because the selector has a higher specificity
  • Likewise, for the li elements, use the rule li { ... } for the outer li elements, and
  • ul > li > ul > li { ... } for the inner li elements

Does that help?

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kind of. This will be a tree with sub-levels, sub-sub-levels, etc... But I need some links on the right hand side to all line up, irregardless of the level. I'm not much of a CSS guru, but I do understand the higher weight for the more specific rules. just trying to figure out how to get a child tree to play nicely. might be over my head. – veilig Apr 20 '10 at 20:00
You might be able to pull it off with relative positioning (and other CSS) applied to every child ul (or its li children) so that you don't have to explicitly set whatever you need at every level. I wonder if you might not be better off using a library for this? – Matt Ball Apr 20 '10 at 21:19

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