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I have an application which will have many windows, so it makes sense to me to create a singleton that holds a FontRegistry instance and have that singleton manage the FontRegistry's contents. My code looks something like this:

import org.eclipse.jface.resource.FontRegistry;
import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display;

public final class FontRegistryManager {
    public static final FontRegistryManager INSTANCE = new FontRegistryManager();

    FontRegistry fr;

    private FontRegistryManager() {
        fr = new FontRegistry();

        Display currentDisplay = Display.getCurrent();
        Font mainFont = new Font(currentDisplay, "Tahoma", 8, 0);           
        fr.put(FontRegistryConstants.MAIN_FONT, mainFont.getFontData());

    public FontRegistry getFR() {
        return fr;

What I'm wondering is, am I right to immediately dispose of mainFont?

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I see no problem with disposing the font right here, as long as it doesn't escape with code block.

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Yes, since you instantiated it, you need to dispose it sometime. The best time is immediately after you don't need it anymore :) However, @strangeoptics is right that you don't actually need to create the font at all.

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