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Are there any Drupal IDE's with syntax highlighting, and possibly intellisense, function descriptors?

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Netbeans PHP - http://www.netbeans2.org/features/php/index.html

Best IDE for php and if the code has good comments, the provides documentation when using functions.

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Here's the plugin for NetBeans Drupal drupal.org/node/327486 – rlb.usa Apr 20 '10 at 17:28

There are a number of tools listed on this page, a few of which link off to Drupal plugins.

Textmate and Eclipse stand out for that. Otherwise, the page looks like a grand list of what Open Source PHP Developers might consider using.

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A dev named Chris Charlton created a series of great extensions for Dreamweaver specifically for Drupal. http://xtnd.us/

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Dreamweaver is awful! Several years of IT support for it and Contribute. – rlb.usa Apr 21 '10 at 1:57

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