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How to pass value from parent to child window field. I use window.open("www.google.com");

after popwindow is opened i need to pass/set search value typed in parent window to child window(www.google.com)

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Set a reference using the window.open() method:

var childWin = window.open("www.google.com" <etc.>);

Then treat childWin as a whole other window. For example,


will give you a reference to an element with ID of "searchField". Etc. Rinse and repeat.

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Note that you can also access variables defined in the newly opened window as well. var childwin = window.open('....'); childwin.variable = 'somevalue'; If the variable was predefined, it will contain the new value, if it was not defined, it will now contain the value you set. –  CDSO1 Apr 20 '10 at 20:14

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