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Currently, I have a build chain, completly manage by automake, like:

.vala > .c > .o > .exe

I would like add a new step for preprocess a XML file .ui into a vala source:

.ui > .vala > .c > .o > .exe

I did this, in makefile.am

gtkbuilder2vala_SOURCES = \
    abstract-window.ui \
    main.vala \


XSLTPROC = xsltproc
    $(XSLTPROC) ...

But make don't understand:

make: *** No rule to make target `abstract-window.c', needed by `gtkbuilder2vala-abstract-window.o'.  Stop.

This seems to be a limitation of make:


if the translation takes three steps--from .m' to.x', then from .x' to.c', and finally to `.o'---then Automake's simplistic approach will break.

Have you another idea?

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I would do something along these lines

BUILT_SOURCES += abstract-window.vala
EXTRA_DIST += abstract-window.ui
gtkbuilder2vala_SOURCES += abstract-window.vala

SUFFIXES = .ui .vala
    $(XSLTPROC) ...

I would leave the XSLTPROC definition to an AC_SUBST (or even better, an AC_ARG_VAR) in configure.ac.

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