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I am about to start on a project where I need to display maps with cross streets and possibly directions. I know there are a lot of API for the web, but I was wondering what the best solution is for a desktop application.

I know of Bing Maps and I believe there are some Google Maps solutions out there as well. Any help or information on good mapping API's would be greatly appreciated.


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You should look at using the ESRI mapping controls. It's nice, relatively easy to use, lots of samples (mostly in silverlight, but thats easy to convert), and has the power of ESRI. What could be better?

if you have a bing maps developer key, you can even use the bing tiles.

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This looks very promising, and simple to understand and implement. Thanks for the great pointer. –  Travis Apr 20 '10 at 21:48
glad to help. We are partners with ESRI and are using this in a commercial product :-) –  Muad'Dib Apr 20 '10 at 22:56

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