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Is there a plugin for Visual Studio C++ 2008/2010 express edition just like wave-vs.net live pair programming program? Or do I have to download and install the full version of Visual Studio?

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Now we have enabled wave-vs.net to support Pair Programming on Visual C++ Project Items.

This new feature has been enabled for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.

You can download updated wave-vs.net Plugin from http://www.wave-vs.net

Kind Regards
wave-vs.net Development Team

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Taking a look on internet you can see Third Party Extensibility Packages are not support for Vs2008 or Vs2010 express editions by Microsoft.


So, for you to be able to use wave-vs.net for Remote Pair Programming you will need Complete Visual Studio.Net Version (2008 or 2010)

Thank you for your interest.
wave-vs.net Development Team

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