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Pls give a link with sample if possible

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Sorry, didn't read your question properly.

The answer would be: no.

But, if you can use JSF, Facelets templates are pretty similar to ASP.NET master pages.

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According to this article, JSP does not have an equivalent technology:

Although various JSF IDEs offer page templating to a certain extent such as IBM page templating, there is not yet a uniform easy way to build page templates such as how you use Microsoft "Master Page" templating technology.

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No, not really. Here is an idea of how you might put one together that sort of works like ASP.NET.

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ASP.NET master page is a templating technology. JSP itself is already less or more a templating technology. There's under each the <jsp:include> tag to include templates. You can use it dynamically with EL, but it is however not very advanced/enhanced. Facelets has brought changes in it.

JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) technology, previously used as the presentation technology for JavaServer Faces, does not support all of the new features available in JavaServer Faces 2.0. JSP is considered as a deprecated presentation technology for JavaServer Faces 2.0.

On Facelets you can use JSF, which is a component based MVC framework like ASP.NET MVC.

Alternatives outside the Java EE API are Apache Tapestry and Apache Tiles.

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