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If I have the following model;

  public List<RecommendedProduct> recommendations


public class RecommendedProduct
  public List<Product> Products

Then the Product;

public class Product
  public string Code

The recommendations list has, as an example, 10 items in it.

Each recommendations item has two Products in it.

How, with LINQ, can I find the recommendations object that has products with both "A" and "B" product codes?

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Use the Any extension:

var myProducts =
    from rp in recommendations
        cp.Products.Any(p => p.Product.Code == "A") &&
        cp.Products.Any(p => p.Product.Code == "B")
    select rp;

Any returns true if there are any elements in the sequence that match the inner condition. In this case you're searching for two elements, so it takes two Any calls.

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+1 Brilliant! Thanks @Aaronaught. –  griegs Apr 21 '10 at 3:27

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