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Hi I have a simple database for storing friendship, with just two columns person_a, person_b , denoting that person_a and person_b are friends. From a big list like this what query should I run to get say get all friends of 'sam'. Thank you.

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How are friendships stored? If 'sam' and 'baz' are friends, is 'sam' person_a or person_b? – Mark Byers Apr 21 '10 at 4:43
Perhaps the real question is, are friendships reflexive? Can someone be my friend, but I not be their friend? – David Smith Apr 21 '10 at 4:53
Maybe you should use two records for a friendship, see here: By the way and @David Smith: a not reflexive friendship doesn't exist. That's not a friend, that's a fan! – Tim Büthe May 28 '10 at 14:20

Use a UNION:

SELECT person_b
FROM friendship
WHERE person_a = 'sam'
SELECT person_a
FROM friendship
WHERE person_b = 'sam'
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May be try like this,

SELECT person_a, person_b
FROM friendship
WHERE person_a = 'sam' or person_b = 'sam'

Use the query like this, after that 

if(person_a=='sam') {
   $frnd = $rowfetch["person_b"];
} else if(person_b=='sam') {
   $frnd = $rowfetch["person_a"];
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You might want to try something like

FROM    users u INNER JOIN
            SELECT  CASE
                        WHEN person_a = yourid THEN
                        ELSE person_a
                    END person_id
            FROM    FRIENDSHIPS
            WHERE   person_a = yourid
            OR      person_b = yourid
        ) myFriends ON u.userID = myFriends.person_id
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