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Does anyone know of a good open source toolkit that allows level designer and graphic designer or someone with basic programming experience to create multiplayer online Role Playing Game ? The game can be a simple 2D interface in a 2d virtual world.

I know Microsoft have a starter kit something like the following :

that allows developer to create RPG game running on XBox platform but i am looking more on multiplayer role playing game on the web platform where player can play directly with their browser.

regards Andrew

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Tried these??...

Also as a stand-alone game developer (which i presume you are) i would suggest You go through these for a good grasp of the challenges ahead:

UPDATE: You might be interested in Quake-Live

For a few sample of Quake Live on Youtube:

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Thanks for the information. Maybe to be more specific, i am looking for browser based MMORPG game development toolkit and most toolkit requires player to download a standalone client. Something similar to the following game : – Andrew Sky Apr 21 '10 at 14:34
UPDATED: Checkout!! Added more info regarding ur request... – TheCodeArtist Apr 21 '10 at 15:04

RPG Toolkit seems to be a good one too

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For 2D single-player:

For 2D MMO:

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Unity3D is free for you to develop games for the web (and desktop I think), you can later upgrade your account in order to deploy your game into more platforms. Really easy to use and the programing is friendly enough for you to learn (lots of tutorials everywhere).

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