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I'm building modular application with 2 modules which share common vo: ShopRegionVO This vo is also a BlazeDS entity and is mapped to a remote java object. When shell loads first module everything is ok. The second module is a list of ShopRegionVOs and item change is handled with the following code:

sendNotification(CoverageConstants.SET_SELECTED_REGION_COMMAND, ShopRegionVO(List(;

The exception is thrown right here:

Main Thread (Suspended: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert model.vo::ShopRegionVO@14961809 to model.vo.ShopRegionVO.)    
    view.list::RegionListMediator/onChange [no source] [no source] 

The ShopRegionVO is in separate Flex library which is shared between modules:

package model.vo
    public class ShopRegionVO
        public var name : String;
        public var id : int;

        public function ShopRegionVO(_id:int=0, _name : String=null) 

            // init properties
            name = _name;
            id = _id;
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As far as I can understand this is because physically two SWF modules are not sharing common class but this class exists in both 1st and 2nd module. How can I map these two both vos to BlazeDS java classes? – mico Apr 21 '10 at 9:18
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Here is a solution:

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