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I'm having trouble running Django on IIS 6 and was hoping someone could help!

I've followed this guide exactly a number of times: http://code.djangoproject.com/wiki/DjangoOnWindowsWithIISAndSQLServer

However, when I try and view my site I always get the same message:

The specified module could not be found.

What are the steps to fix?


OK - I figured this out.

I was using the wrong version of PyISAPIe. I was using version 2.5 and I had needed version 2.6 to match the version of Python I was using. Hopefully this might help anyone else who is having a similar issue!

Thanks guys for your comments below!

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Basically you need to install Fast CGI on IIS 6:

Install Fast CGI on IIS6

I installed PHP on IIS through the new Microsoft web application and it goes like a charme.

I suppose it will work well also for python.

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Just a question, but is it a python module (you'll get a Django error) or IIS error?

Also be sure to check your PYTHONPATH.

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I'm not sure! The HTML of the error is: '<html><head><title>Error</title></head><body>The specified module could not be found. </body></html>' - so I guess it could be either. My PYTHONPATH is 'C:\Python26\Lib\;C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\' - should I have more directories included? –  Nick Cartwright Apr 21 '10 at 9:25

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