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i create two input text fields , one for title and another for permanent link

i need to update the second filed automatically when user is typing the tilte

how can i do such a thing in jquery /php

somehow im looking for a way to simulate wordpress creation of permanent link in post section

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$('#first_input_id').bind('keydown', function(e){
     var inputmirror = $('#second_input_id');
     inputmirror.val(inputmirror.val() + String.fromCharCode(e.which));

Something similar to this should do it.

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thanks , u r so smart to write that code , but when i erase letters in first input box , it insert undefined character instead of updating the second input box – Mac Taylor Apr 21 '10 at 13:41

You can intercept keyup event on the first input text, and then update the output of the second input:

    $('#titleInput').keypress(function(e) { alert ('typed' + String.fromCharCode(e.keyCode))//update your 2nd input text... 
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Write a function to read from the current input, munge it however you like, and insert it into the other input.

Then bind that function to the keypress and change events.

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