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I am new to paypal and magento.

I have a buiness account created on paypal and have a magento installation Now I need to integrate the paypal account on to this magento.

How do i do this exactly.

I tried to go through tutorials but no soap.

Can some kindly help me out here with the process.

Thanks in advance

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Magento Admin Panel > System > Configuration > Sales - Payment Methods > Paypal (checkbox enable)! Voila

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There seems to be a number of Paypal payment types in there - I used the Express Checkout, which is perfect for speed, cos it means the user doesn't have to enter all their address details and whatnot.

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To get the full idea about Magento and Paypal integration, you must go through the Magento Article: http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/setting-up-paypal-for-your-magento-store. It's really very useful and great Article.


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This depends on the version of Magento you have; but simply follow these instructions below.

  1. Go here: https://www.paypal-techsupport.com/
  2. Type in the search box: Integrate Magento
  3. From the search results you can select the integration selector Link or view the results for a magento walkthrough depending on your version.
  4. How do you find your version? On the configuration page scroll all the way down to the footer and you'll see something like 'magento ver'
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