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I want a linq query to return a calculated timespan, i have used the timespan function before, but im not sure how to incorporate it into linq. Basically the linq is returning a datetime field which i want to subtract from the current datetime to get days and hours.

Any help appreciated!


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Your question isn't very clear. Could you give an example? – Jon Skeet Apr 21 '10 at 10:32
should ahve mentioned that I need the result straight from the linq query and not calculated afterwards if possible? – DarkW1nter Apr 21 '10 at 10:32
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Maybe something like:

from s in something
select DateTime.Now.Subtract(s.DateField)
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Sure, the code below returns a date opened field, i want to calculate how many days the case is open and put it into a gridview.

var query2 = from cs in db.tblCases where cs.date_closed.HasValue == false select new { cs.date_case_opened),


    gvReport.DataSource =
                query2.Select(o => new {o.time });

            lbCount.Text = "Days open: " + ???
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