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I'm trying to implement PayPal Adaptive Payments API. Into the headers I should include these informations:

headers.put("X-PAYPAL-SECURITY-USERID", ""); 
headers.put("X-PAYPAL-DEVICE-IPADDRESS", ""); 
headers.put("X-PAYPAL-APPLICATION-ID", "APP-80W284485P519543T");

I've created test accounts for both, buyer and seller. But I don't really know what are these first three items. I couldn't find that information. There are multiple sites, so it's confusing. I don't know which USERID and SIGNATURE should I use.

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I found it on -> Profile link(on top right)

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The @pocoa's answer is not working anymore. You can find Classic API credentials on and navigating Account - Profile - My Selling Tools - API Access.

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You can find these information at

Click to your relevant Paypal profile and see API CREDENTIALS tab.

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