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What benefits does WCF bring to the table and why should I use this new technology over good old ASP.Net web services?

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@Sergio please stop tagging things as newbie. Use beginner instead. (this is like the 3rd question I retagged of yours) – Earlz Apr 27 '10 at 15:40
Why not use newbie? :\ – delete Apr 28 '10 at 2:01
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Maybe you don't need to transition to WCF if regular Web-Service will work for you, however WCF encompasses more than just Web-Services.

With WCF you can utilize different communication channels (such as Web-Services, MSMQ, named pipes...) utilizing the same end-point service handler code.

WCF also has different built-in security mechanisms, allows you to utilize different serialization mechanisms (if something other than Soap is needed like raw JSON), hosting of services without the requirement of needing a web project etc...

As such WCF is more a general service hosting framework that can replace regular ASMX web services

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Here is a good article from msdn that talks about the differences between ASMX and WCF

A few key areas

  1. Serialization - Asmx uses XmlSerializer while WCF uses the DataContractSerializer. The Datacontract serializer is about 10% faster (source along with other information) Differences Between ASMX and WCF Services
  2. Greater protocol support (HTTP, TCP, ICP, MSMQ for WCF), ASMX only supports HTTP
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