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I have a two years of experience of programming in Visual C# and Visual C++. I would like to know some good online sources to start learning ASP.NET or anything else I should/need to learn before diving into ASP.NET. I found some online videos that are proving to be quite useful. Perhaps I would like to know about some open source projects where I can have a look at the ASP.NET code directly.


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Sorry, but I'm going to have to suggest the immediately obvious first:

Official Microsoft ASP .Net Site

There's a link at the top to both "Get Started" and "Learn", and I have found this site incredibly useful over the past year or so.

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+1 I learnt a lot here too :) – CaRDiaK Nov 6 '08 at 11:11 is best for beginners – clouserw Nov 24 '09 at 13:54

Speaking as a convert from WinForms to the Web, I offer the following tips

  • Learn the ASP.NET Life-cycle
  • Get to grips with the concepts of client vs server-side code; know how pages are served up etc
  • Don't bite off too much too soon, there are A LOT of new things to learn, and it changes very quickly. But you don't need to be writing a full-blown AJAX web app straight away.
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great tips! thanks Duncan – user33469 Nov 6 '08 at 19:49

I like it has some great tuts and some cool videos that walk you through the processes.

Good Luck

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IMHO, CodeProject ( has lots of excellent articles related to ASP.NET. Regarding projects, there are plenty of ASP.NET applications in CodePlex ( or SourceForge. Regarding a specific ASP.NET application, its a great application to see.

Best Regards.

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Loads of ASP.NET articles/tutorials at various levels. I found it pretty useful to get my head around some of the concepts.

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Just to add, another great resource is

Its not free but it has a plethora of videos covering all aspects of from 1.1 to 3.5, AJAX, Webservices.

Programmer to Programmer style videos with great examples and downloadable source code.

Good luck :)

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