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Say I've got a directory full of html pages. Their headers and footers are basically the same, but I want to be able to see only the portions of all the pages that are the same. I'd like to call it an n-way merge, but that isn't what it is, it's looking for just the similarities between the header and the footers of all the files.

(and my header I don't mean just the <head> tag, but rather the portions of the page that are alike).

Note: There are like 20 html files.

Is there a name for a tool that does this?

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possible duplicate of… – leeand00 Apr 21 '10 at 14:10

If you are looking for what they have in common, you need a Clone detector. Such a tool finds the common code fragments across an arbitrarily large number of files and reports the commonality. A good one will discover commonality based on target langauge structure in spite of white space changes, etc., e.g., it isn't comparing lines but rather copy-and-pasted structures.

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I use ExamDiff

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