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I am trying to add a Settings bundle in my iPad app, but it randomly shows up in the iPad settings menu.

When I run in Debug mode (Device or Simulator) it doesn't show up. When I build in Distribution mode and then deploy the app on the iPad A it shows up but doesn't on iPad B (I have several iPads to test).

I am sure the Root.plist is correct as it works sometimes and sometimes not. I also tried with the default plist created when you add a Settings bundle.

Is there something I forgot to do apart from adding the Settings.bundle in the project?

Thanks in advance.

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I've had this problem a few times now.

On the simulator; do a 'Reset Content and Settings', clean, and redeploy.

On the device; delete the app, clean, and redeploy.

EDIT: It's also important to make sure that your settings bundle has been added to the current target. That oversight can be very difficult to debug.

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I just wanted to add something: Another option that worked for me is creating the Settings.bundle file right inside Resources, and to LEAVE the default name: "Settings.bundle". –  Josh Jun 29 at 8:44

I noticed the same problem on the Simulator. At the first launch of Settings.app, the pane wasn't there, at subsequent launches it was. It the problem intermittent for subsequent launches of Settings.app? Is the problem dependent on the locale of the device?

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I have a feeling that this isn't the exact same issue that you're experiencing, but I found that the adding a Settings.bundle to an existing project required a relaunch of the Simulator before the Settings app picked up on my app's bundle. Restart the Simulator, not just the app within the Simulator.

Not sure about the actual devices, but I wonder if there's a similar rule there?

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What you are going to want to try is to Delete the application off of your iPad devices, and open the simulator and go up to the top menu and click the button "Reset Content and Settings". Then reinstall your application to your devices and the simulator and it should all be working now.

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While you are adding setting bundle please do not rename it. It should be "Setting" only. Do not alter it.

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I think you should Clean all targets , empty all caches delete the previous build,Quit the simulator and rebuild the code.Im sure this will work.

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