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I have a set of radio buttons. When primary is selected, the Primary Company field is hidden. I would also like to at this time clear the drop down selection. How can I do this?

        <label>Company Type:</label>
        <label for="primary"><input onclick="javascript: $('#sec').hide('slow');" type="radio" runat="server" name="companyType" id="primary" checked />Primary</label>
        <label for="secondary"><input onclick="javascript: $('#sec').show('slow');" type="radio" runat="server" name="companyType" id="secondary" />Secondary</label>
        <div id="sec">
        <label for="primary_company">Primary Company:</label>
            <%= Html.DropDownList("primary_company", Model.SelectPrimaryCompanies, "** Select Primary Company **") %>

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You can clear the selection (that is, select the first option) like so:

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+1. but why the .parent('select'); part? You could just use .end(), right? – David Murdoch Apr 21 '10 at 15:09
@David - that was part of a longer chain to serve an evil purpose. (I pasted too much code from one of my test pages), but now that you point that out, end is better than parent('select'). Thanks. – karim79 Apr 21 '10 at 15:15

You can pass null to the jQuery val() method as a nice way to clear a dropdown.

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To clear the selection completely (so that not even the first element is selected) you could use:

$('#primary_company').attr('selectedIndex', '-1'); 

If #primary_company is a multiple select box you could use:

$('#primary_company option').attr('selected', false);
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