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Trying to load an external php file into another onClick. Iframes will not work as the size of the content changes with collapsible panels. That leaves AJAX. I was given a piece of code


<a href="#" id="getData">Get data</a>
<div id="myContainer"></div>

    $.get('data.php', { section: 'mySection' }, function(data){

    if($_GET['section'] === 'mySection') echo '<span style="font-weigth:bold;">Hello World</span>';

I have tested it here and get the most unexpected results. It certainly loads the right amount of items as it says in the lower bar on safari but I see three small calendars and that is it. Can anyone see where I have made a mistake?

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First things first, you want to have the jQuery bit inside the ready function $(document).ready(function(){..}. In your test page, there is already a ready function at the top which contains the line $('a[rel*=facebox]').facebox(), so you might want to put the code there.

Secondly, you want to prevent the link from going to the default action, which is to load the url '#'. You do that with the preventDefault() method.

I tested and confirmed that the following code should work for you:

<script type="text/javascript">
      $.get('test.php', { cat: 16 }, function(data){
        $('#myContainer p').html(data);

You can find more details and examples of jQuery's get function here.

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