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I can't seem to get the correct Unix epoch time out of this PHP DateTime object.

$startingDateTime = "2005/08/15 1:52:01 am";

$foo = new DateTime($startingDateTime, new DateTimeZone("America/New_York"));

echo $foo->format('U');

which gives


Which is Mon, 15 Aug 2005 00:52:01 GMT -500 (according to EPOCH CONVERTER) but that's incorrect by an hour.

It SHOULD be 1124088721 and spit back at me as Mon, 15 Aug 2005 01:52:01 GMT -500

Any help would be appreciated.

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This is likely a DST problem with epoch converter. I used another converter to UTC time and then to America/New_York. I got the right answer given timestamp=1124085121

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I think you're right. The problem ended up being on the back end when I was trying to fetch out the data and redisplay it to the screen from the database. Was making a new DateTime object and passing it the UTC timestamp AND a timezone. The DateTime object with the data to be displayed was interpreting the UTC timestamp as though it had an offset when it didn't – Jazzepi Apr 21 '10 at 19:50

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