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Hey all, using this method Jquery Append() and remove() element i'm adding text inputs to a document. i'm using this php

  foreach($array as $cp_slider) 
       echo '<li><input type="text" name="cp_slider[]" value="'.$this->options["theme_slider"].'" /><a href="#" class="remove_project_file" border="2"><img src="images/delete.gif" /></a></li>';

The value was created like this:

if ($_POST['to_action'] == 'save') { 
  $this->options["theme_slider"] = $_POST['cp_slider'];
  update_option('artTheme', $this->options);

But what i see in the value of every input after submitting the form is: Array as a word.

UPDATE I figured it out and it's working fine. The value gets it's real value, i've just changed the foreach line

from this

foreach($array as $cp_slider)

to this

foreach($array as $this->options["theme_slider"])

But there is still one problem there. After i submit the form, the data from inputs submits very well. But when i go to another page with in the application and then i'm comming back to the page with this inputs, they are simply not there, they just disappear from the page.

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this question seems to vague there are many ways to submit form data so I guess start with a form then choose ajax or maybe you want to look at jquery validation


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If you are trying to save the data, your jQuery will have to send the request to a PHP script that will take the input and put it into the database somehow.

  • User Makes Edits
  • Presses 'Save'
  • The Save button fires off a jQuery AJAX request that sends the appropriate data to a PHP script that processes/sanitizes it and then puts it into the database

If you don't make a call to another script, jQuery will just be updating the HTML seen in the browser and your PHP scripts won't know anything about it.

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