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This may be a simple answer, but I'm trying to add a dom-created element (i.e. document.createElement(...)) to a jQuery Selector.

jQuery has a great assortment of functions for adding html

  • .html(htmlString)
  • .append(htmlString)
  • .prepend(htmlString)

But what i want to do is add a dom OBJECT

var myFancyDiv = document.createElement("div");
myFancyDiv.setAttribute("id", "FancyDiv");

// This is the theoretical function im looking for.
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Try this:


Wrapping the DOM element in $(...), I'd expect you could add it with any of the jQuery DOM manipulation functions that take a jQuery element collection.

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you don't need to wrap the DOM object with jQuery inside append. could just do $("#SomeOtherDiv").append(myFancyDiv) – Anurag Apr 21 '10 at 22:00

This should do it !

  $("#SomeOtherDiv").append('<div id="FancyDiv"></div>')); 
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You could make things simpler and faster by cutting out jQuery entirely for something this simple:

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This will work in jQuery 1.4

    id: 'FancyDiv'

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