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I am trying to create some script variables in T-SQL as follows:

    Deployment script for MesProduction_Preloaded_KLM_MesSap



    :setvar DatabaseName "MesProduction_Preloaded_KLM_MesSap"

However, when I run this, I get an error stating 'Incorrect syntax near ':'. What am I doing wrong?

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The :setvar only works in SQL command mode, so you are possibly within normal SQL execution in the management studio and have not swapped to command mode.

This can be done through the user interface in SQL Server Management Studio by going to the "Query" menu, and selecting "SQLCMD mode."

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This is also an issue when using Visual Studio's: Data > Schema Compare utility. If you run the resulting change script from within the utility you are fine, but if you decide to export/xcopy the change script after doing a comparison and then try to import/paste the resulting change script into SSMS then as above it will fail. Obviously this could also be an issue if you were including the db change script in a bundled deployment. So you need to turn on the SQL command mode before running the script either via the menu as above or ensure your custom install script does so before it runs. – rism May 20 '12 at 1:39
In Visual Studio (2013): SQL menu->Execution Settings->SQLCMD mode – larsts Mar 27 '15 at 11:21

try replacing :setvar DatabaseName "MesProduction_Preloaded_KLM_MesSap"


USE [MesProduction_Preloaded_KLM_MesSap]
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Doesn't help evaluation of the variable in the rest of the script? $(DatabaseName).[dbo].[Whatever] – CRice Oct 23 '15 at 0:53

FOR SQL2012:

go to : tools/options/Query Execution and check the by default, open new queries in SQLCMD mode.

Hit the New Query button and make sure the variable definitions are highlighted, your script should run correctly now.

Previous versions:

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