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In one of my applications on Ruby on Rails, I am using acts_as_taggable plugin. Coding was doing fine and suddenly it started giving following error.

RuntimeError (acts_as_taggable_on_steroids has been moved to github: app/models/post.rb:2 app/controllers/post_controller.rb:324:in post_scoper' app/controllers/post_controller.rb:221:indefault' C:\MyApp\script\server:3 -e:2:in `load' -e:2

Rendered rescues/_trace (94.0ms) Rendered rescues/_request_and_response (15.0ms) Rendering rescues/layout (internal_server_error)

When trying installing the plugin from above URL, it says plugin has been moved.

Does anyone have idea, what is the stable URL of acts_as_taggable plugin?

Thanks in advance

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You can still get it at

ruby script/plugin install git://
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